If Thoughts Define Reality: What About AI?

Posted on 14. June 2024

Based on recent developments of AI and its highly popular ChatGPT, the definition of reality is under scrutiny.

On one side we have philosophy that looks at the relationship between the human mind and reality. On the other side the scientists’ approach is defined by observation and experiments of real-world issues.

Human defined reality versus AI supported virtuality provides the reflection point to judge the usefulness of human thought in solving problems and what criteria we might have to apply to define consciousness.

Historically new technologies have always provided the resources for dealing with the fundamental challenges posed by reality such as the search for shelter or food in a hostile environment.



Date Title
14.06.2024 If Thoughts Define Reality: What About AI?
31.05.2024 AI Produced Music: The Consequences to our Perception of Sound
17.05.2024 Left vs. Right Side Of Our Brain: The Relation to Human Intelligence
03.05.2024 Metaverse: From Reality To Digital And Beyond?
19.04.2024 Promoting Trust: From the Closed-Box towards Explainable AI
05.04.2024 AI and the Rising Problem with Digital Identity Theft
22.03.2024 Will Writing and Reading of Books be Replaced by AI-Technology?
08.03.2024 Deep Fakes: AI’s Growing Problem with Trust
23.02.2024 Boom Or Bust: Is AI moving towards another Nasdaq Crash?
09.02.2024 AI and Marketing: Increasing Performance with Mirror Neurons
26.01.2024 AI Between Certainty and Probability: The Impact of Neuroscience
12.01.2024 Can GPT-4 Perform Reasoning Similar to Humans?
29.12.2023 Emotional AI: The Problem with Acceptance and Trust
15.12.2023 The Myth and Reality of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
01.12.2023 Organoid Intelligence: A new Frontier in AI?
17.11.2023 GPT-4: A first step towards Artificial Superintelligence?
03.11.2023 AI-Hallucination Problems: The Human Connection
20.10.2023 Will AI Reduce or Advance Burnout as Result of Economic Growth?
06.10.2023 Impact of Simulating Societal Behaviour with Generative AI-Agents
22.09.2023 The Amazing Revival of Analog Computing
08.09.2023 AI and the Growing Problem of Trust
25.08.2023 The Power of Intuition in Scientific Discovery and AI
11.08.2023 Combining AI with Robotics: A new Approach to Mimic our Brain?
28.07.2023 From Illusion to Reality: Does AI-Alignment provide New Insights?
14.07.2023 From Behaviour To Thought Cloning: A new Model to Advance AI?
30.06.2023 Human versus AI Generated Content: Learning Models to Collapse?
16.06.2023 Apple’s AR/VR Headset: A new Paradigm in Computing?
02.06.2023 Neuroscience + Language: a Strong Alliance to Enhance GPT-4
19.05.2023 Truth and AI: Can Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Restore Trust?
05.05.2023 The GPT-4 Turmoil: What about the Corporate Need for Talent?
21.04.2023 The Six-Month Pause: A Wake-Up Call to Reposition AI?
06.04.2023 From Google-Search to GPT4: The Impact of Capturing our Emotions
24.03.2023 If AI-Machines Reach Consciousness: Do We Face a New Reality?
10.03.2023 The Future of ChatGPT: We must Separate Language from Thought
25.02.2023 From ChatGPT to Enhanced Search and Beyond
10.02.2023 ChatGPT: Towards a New Industrial Age or Plenty of Hype?
27.01.2023 The Story behind the Creation of a Politthriller
13.01.2023 If Superintelligence has arrived, what about Science Fiction and AI?
30.12.2022 AI in 2023: Innovation Continues with no End in Sight
16.12.2022 From Google Search to Open AI’s ChatGPT and Beyond
02.12.2022 Social Media: Why We Should Better Understand Its Impact
18.11.2022 Do AI-Machines Have A Mind?
04.11.2022 Is Artificial Intelligence the Terminator of Truth?
21.10.2022 From Digital Twins to the Metaverse, a Paradigm Shift in AI?
07.10.2022 The Influencer Economy and the Issue of ‘True’ Reality
23.09.2022 Transformers to Improve Memory, a Paradigm Shift in AI?
09.09.2022 Our Brain is not a Computer, Perhaps a Transducer?
26.08.2022 With Curiosity Towards a New AI: The Issue of Learning
01.07.2022 The Metaverse: A US$ 13 Trillion Business or Just Another AI-Hype?
17.06.2022 Decision-Making, Perception and Illusion: What about AI?
03.06.2022 ‘Wetware’: a New Approach to AI-Computing?
20.05.2022 Does Art Implicate a New Approach to AI?
06.05.2022 Unlock the AI-Value Contribution with Small Data and Tools
22.04.2022 Launching LAC²: AI’s Value to ‘Think Global and Act Local’
08.04.2022 Do Nanobots signal the Arrival of Singularity ?
25.03.2022 From AI to AGI: New Developments to Narrow the Gap?
11.03.2022 The Ukrainian Conflict: Aggression and Options for Counteraction
25.02.2022 Cyber-Warfare and the Struggle for Power as a Threat to Democracy
11.02.2022 The Metaverse – Hype or Paradigm Shift?
28.01.2022 Does Reality exist or is our Perception just an Illusion?
14.01.2022 From ‘Noise’ to better Decision-Making, an IT-Paradigm Shift?
17.12.2021 Nanobots: Accelerating Science With No End In Sight?
03.12.2021 Neuroscience and The Internet of Things (IoT): A Paradigm Shift?
19.11.2021 Metaverse: From Reality To Digital And Beyond?
05.11.2021 AI and Art; Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony: Hype or Paradigm Shift?
22.10.2021 The Stanford AI100 Report: Is AI at an Inflection Point?
08.10.2021 News-Addiction: What are the Issues?
24.09.2021 Neurophilosophy and a Thought-Model of AI-inspired Leadership
10.09.2021 Neuroscience, its Impact on AI and Beyond
27.08.2021 A Paradigm Shift in AI and the Future of Content Production
13.08.2021 Just turned 80 – reflecting on Aging and AI
30.07.2021 The Future of Social Media, a Journey to Nowhere?
16.07.2021 Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs?
02.07.2021 With Embodiment and Sensors to Artificial General Intelligence?
18.06.2021 Quantum Mechanics: the Next Challenge beyond AI?
04.06.2021 From Intelligence to Wisdom; what about Motivation and AI?
21.05.2021 With Self-Reflection to better Decisions, what about AI?
07.05.2021 Corporate Culture and AI: Are you Ready?
23.04.2021 The Need to Redefine Intelligence: From IQ to EQ to AIQ
09.04.2021 Impact of Brain-Computer-Interfaces supported by AI
26.03.2021 Thinking, Fast and Slow: What about AI?
12.03.2021 From Self-Reflection to Spirituality, what about AI?
26.02.2021 AI and Surveillance Capitalism, what about Autonomy?
12.02.2021 Realigning AI Research to Achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
29.01.2021 Dealing with Complexity? Try Collective Intelligence & AI
15.01.2021 Quantum: from Physics to Biology. What about AI?
01.01.2021 Decision Making: AI and the Limits of Common-Sense
18.12.2020 Will AI overcome the Limits of Science?
04.12.2020 From Covid-19 back to the Future with AI
20.11.2020 US Democracy in Trouble, what about AI?
06.11.2020 AI and our Capacity to Think about Thinking
23.10.2020 Collective Intelligence for Regional Business Development
09.10.2020 Mental Health a Rising Concern, what about AI and Education?
25.09.2020 Are we Heading towards the Next AI-Winter?
11.09.2020 From AI to the Artificial Brain, are we Ready to Adapt?
28.08.2020 Deepfakes: Can AI restore Trust and what about Truth?
14.08.2020 From Collaboration to Collective AI
31.07.2020 AI for Survival of the Fittest?
17.07.2020 AI to enhance Human Imagination – what about Reality?
03.07.2020 AI and Mental Health: Repowering Psychology?
19.06.2020 AI generated Language: What about Humans?
05.06.2020 AI to Augment Creativity for Better Decision-Making
22.05.2020 Ecosystems: From Nature to Business to Human-Level AI
08.05.2020 AI: From Isolation to Social Distancing and Beyond
24.04.2020 Covid-19: Accelerating Human-Level AI, what about Fear?
10.04.2020 Human-Level AI: Why a Transdisciplinary Approach is Needed
27.03.2020 From the Corona Pandemic to Machine Viruses
06.03.2020 Can AI + Neuroscience Decode the Human Brain?
21.02.2020 Can AI match Human Creativity?
07.02.2020 From Gutenberg to Machine Intelligence and Beyond
24.01.2020 Research to Overcome today’s Limits of AI
10.01.2020 The Evolution of Artificial Collective Intelligence (ACI)
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04.10.2019 An Integrated Approach to Apply AI in Decision-Making
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06.09.2019 Is Alphabet’s DeepMind Subsidiary on the Right Track?
23.08.2019 Is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) a Myth?
02.08.2019 Networked-AI: From Vision to Reality
19.07.2019 The Cultural Shift provoked by Networked AI
05.07.2019 Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Brain Research
21.06.2019 Human-Centered AI to accelerate Educational Innovation
07.06.2019 New OECD principles to foster Human-Centric AI
24.05.2019 AI and Corporate Leadership in 2025
10.05.2019 AI and decision-making, what about intuition?
26.04.2019 Neural-Nanorobots to Augment Human Intelligence
12.04.2019 AI to Strengthen Consciousness and Decision-Making
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01.03.2019 Is Facebook a ‘Digital Gangster’? What about Ethics?
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21.12.2018 AI and the Future of Education
07.12.2018 Creativity is at the Core of Humanity; AI is just a Tool!
23.11.2018 Towards a Charta for Machine-Interaction
09.11.2018 Machine-Emotions and the Struggle for Power over Humans
26.10.2018 AI and Free Will, a Rising Concern
12.10.2018 Advancing AI with Neuroscience
28.09.2018 From Emotional AI to Artificial Human Avatars
14.09.2018 Will Quantum Physics Support Humans to Manage AI?
31.08.2018 From Data to Predictions to Decisions
17.08.2018 Can AI Match Humans in Common-Sense Reasoning?
03.08.2018 Can AI Match Humans to Ask Questions?
13.07.2018 Design Issues of Conversational Expert-Avatars (CEAs)
29.06.2018 Artificial Empathy Improves Communication Skills of AI-Machines
15.06.2018 Can AI judge our State of Happiness?
01.06.2018 Thoughts on Human Learning vs. Machine Learning
18.05.2018 Is AI capable of producing Art?
04.05.2018 Will AI Achieve Human Consciousness?
20.04.2018 Conversational Avatar-Experts are about to arrive!
06.04.2018 From Privacy Invasion to Identity Loss?
23.03.2018 Has Machine-Learning Become Alchemy?
09.03.2018 Issues about the Rise of Emotionally Intelligent AI
23.02.2018 Has Homo sapiens reached the End of Life?
09.02.2018 Should Machine-Intelligence Be Taxed?
26.01.2018 China’s move to reach AI world-supremacy by 2030
12.01.2018 What happens when my Digital Assistant has an IQ of 300?
29.12.2017 AI for Automated or Augmented Decision-Making
15.12.2017 Thoughts about the Future Impact of AI in our Society
01.12.2017 AI in Search for new Inspirations and Human Contribution
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03.11.2017 What happens when Artificial equals Human Intelligence?
20.10.2017 Google adds Ethics Unit to reach AI Supremacy
06.10.2017 Thoughts about a Brain inspired Organization (BiO)
22.09.2017 Reverse Engineering the Human Brain
08.09.2017 Content Personalization vs. Privacy and Trust
25.08.2017 With Neuroscience and AI to a new level of Conversational Learning
11.08.2017 AI+IoT+Neuroscience = the Intelligent Organization
28.07.2017 Going from Digital Transformation to AGI: are we really ready?
14.07.2017 Singularity: From AI to Augmented Intelligence
30.06.2017 AI and the Mystery of the Human Brain
16.06.2017 AI to Support Personal Development
02.06.2017 Superintelligence has arrived and now what?
19.05.2017 AI and the Sensing of Human Emotions
05.05.2017 Is AI changing Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs?
21.04.2017 AI and Big Data: What about Privacy Protection?
07.04.2017 AI and Neuroscience on the Crossroad to Ethics
24.03.2017 Can Artificial Intelligence replicate Human Consciousness?
10.03.2017 Should we trust Artificial Intelligent Machines (AIMs)?
24.02.2017 A Computer Chip in your Brain is no longer Science Fiction
10.02.2017 Unlocking Knowledge Silos with Neuroscience
27.01.2017 Machine Learning and Corporate Leadership
13.01.2017 Thoughts on Human Learning vs. Machine Learning
16.12.2016 Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
02.12.2016 Decision Making: performed by Humans or Machines?
11.11.2016 Economic Forum ‘The Rise of the Machines’
28.10.2016 Who will provide your Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)?
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28.09.2016 Quantum Computing, who wins the race for Supremacy?
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15.07.2016 Singularity will cause job market disruptions!
05.07.2016 Will My Smartphone ever have Consciousness?
25.06.2016 Moore’s Law coming to an End? Yes and No!
14.06.2016 Artificial Intelligence and the VW Emissions Disaster
01.06.2016 Cognitive Computing and Decision Making