Singularity2030 Mission Statement

Singularity2030 is an information-platform to present and discuss issues related to Singularity which – sometimes also referred to as ‘technical singularity’- defines the moment when artificial intelligence matches human intelligence.

Intelligence is defined in many different ways. In the context of this platform artificial intelligence implies cognitive intelligence such as one’s capacity for logic, understanding, problem solving, language comprehension, learning and retaining knowledge, planning and decision making.

Some futurists like Ray Kurzweil believe that Singularity might be reached as early as 2030, hence the name of this platform. Not everybody agrees with this timeline, which according to Kurzweil can be projected because of the continuing exponential growth in Nanoscience, Neuroscience and Information Technology.

The target audiences of this platform are leaders and managers of business and government organizations since thoughtful and decisive leadership will be required to successfully tackle the issues of Singularity.

Research publications from Neuroscience, Nanoscience, Neuro Economics, Leadership Research, Information Science as well as The Humanities including Philosophy, Psychology and Ethics together with AI related corporate research and development reports provide input for the topics to be discussed. Not to get lost in this vast pool of knowledge we have defined the Singularity-Ecosystem represented by the following triangle:


The triangle defines an Ecosystem that provokes Singularity issues, for example the question how to balance machine and human resources to optimize economic performance. With this transdisciplinary ‘bottom-up’ approach delivering content we want to enhance the creative thinking we need to design and implement new economic and regulatory concepts.

To support this goal periodically provides NEWS about current developments related to Singularity. In addition we periodically publish ESSAYS to discuss selected topics within the context of the Singularity-Ecosystem.

For those who would like to engage in further reading on topics related to the Singularity Ecosystem we have added the BASICS section which consists of ‘Wikibooks’ provided by the Wikimedia Foundation.

To round-off our engagement we offer intercompany workshops to raise the awareness to the potential benefits of Singularity at a time when disruptive business models and digital transformation are intensely discussed topics in many business segments. For more details please consult the SERVICES section of the platform.

Meggen, July 2016