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The goal of the services offered is to present and discuss Singularity related issues with leaders and managers of business and governmental organizations and to inspire the participants to open up and think ahead in a team effort. The service labeled ‘Singularity Forum’ is an extension of the issues presented on the www.singularity2030 website.  Consequently the content of the services is kept at the latest scientific and technological level and periodically updated within the boundaries of the Singularity Ecosystem triangle.

The organizations targeted are typically already involved in the discussion/realization of a Digital Transformation process. The Singularity-Forum should provide input to the question what is ahead of us in the long term and what comes after Digital Transformation is accomplished. Hopefully it sets free the creative energies required to deal with the opportunities arising out of Singularity.

The format to accomplish this goal is to carryout intercompany workshops with a maximum of 15 attendees split into two sessions:

  • An introductory session where the Singularity-Ecosystem is explained and questions are answered and discussed. Peter Rudin or another member of the editorial team of the singularity2030 website will lead this session.
  • A follow-up session where a topic selected by the participants of the introductory session is discussed and presented in more detail. An academic expert (University Professor or equivalent) with a background in the topic selected will participate in this session. Peter Rudin and/or another member of the editorial team will act as mediator/translator to build a bridge between the academic view and the organizations potential for change.

Commercial Issues:

The Singularity-Forum sessions are organized and administered by the company Newtrac AG under its terms and conditions. The introductory session can be conducted in English or German. For the follow-up session English would be preferred.

  • The introductory session is carried out at the company’s facility or a place selected by the company. Time required is approx. 3 hours. The cost is CHF 3’500.- MWST excl. travel and possible lodging expenses.
  • The follow-up session can last 4-6 hours plus break depending on the topic to be discussed in detail. The cost is typically CHF 5’500.- incl. MWST excl. travel and possible lodging expenses.
    The cost can vary depending on the availability of the expert participating. A formal offer will be made once the topic to be discussed is known.

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