Factory Can Produce 10’000 Humanoid Robots a Year

Posted by Peter Rudin on 29. September 2023 in News

Agility Robotics announced that it has completed a factory to produce up to 10’000 of its humanoid Digit Robot per year.

The latest Digit Robot is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 141 pounds. It has a flat head with a pair of emoji-like eyes, two arms designed to pick up and move boxes and walks on legs. The robot works 16 hours and docks itself to a charging station for refuelling.

If the Digit Robot proves affordable and easy for businesses to integrate, it seems likely there would be ample demand for its box- and tote-picking skills.

In 2022 Amazon invested  USD 150-million in Agility’s B-series offering and has been packing its warehouses with their Robots for years.


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