Elon Musk’s Neuralink is Neuroscience Theater

Posted by Peter Rudin on 4. September 2020 in News

Discover the nature of consciousness, cure blindness, paralysis, deafness, and mental illness – those are just a few of the applications that Elon Musk and his 4-year old company Neuralink believe electronic brain-computer interfaces will one day bring about.

However, in a widely publicised event last month, Neuralink has provided no evidence that it can (or has even tried to) treat depression, insomnia, or a dozen other diseases. It is unclear how serious the company is about treating disease at all.

Musk continually drifted away from medicine and back to a much more futuristic “general population device,” which he called the company’s “overall” aim. He believes that people should connect directly to computers to keep pace with artificial intelligence.


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