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Essay 19.05.2017 AI and the Sensing of Human Emotions
News 12.05.2017 New Human Rights to protect our Brains from Manipulation
Essay 05.05.2017 Is AI changing Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs?
News 28.04.2017 The First Wave of Corporate AI Is Doomed to Fail
Essay 21.04.2017 AI and Big Data: What about Privacy Protection?
News 14.04.2017 The ETH Zurich reaches a Milestone in Quantum Computing
Essay 07.04.2017 AI and Neuroscience on the Crossroad to Ethics
News 31.03.2017 Elon Musk and his Brain Interface to AI: What about Ethics?
Essay 24.03.2017 Can Artificial Intelligence replicate Human Consciousness?
News 17.03.2017 Common Sense based on Machine Learning from Videos
Essay 10.03.2017 Should we trust Artificial Intelligent Machines (AIMs)?
News 03.03.2017 How Do We Align Artificial Intelligence with Human Values?
Essay 24.02.2017 A Computer Chip in your Brain is no longer Science Fiction
News 17.02.2017 Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines !
Essay 10.02.2017 Unlocking Knowledge Silos with Neuroscience
News 03.02.2017 Artificial Intelligence for Call-Center Support
Essay 27.01.2017 Machine Learning and Corporate Leadership
News 20.01.2017 Testing IBM’s Brain-Inspired Low Power Chip
Essay 13.01.2017 Thoughts on Human Learning vs. Machine Learning
News 06.01.2017 Information Retrieval through direct Brain Monitoring
Essay 16.12.2016 Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
News 09.12.2016 Physical Source of Consciousness in the Brain discovered?
Essay 02.12.2016 Decision Making: performed by Humans or Machines?
News 25.11.2016 Digital Economics and the Value of Judgement
News 18.11.2016 What Artificial Intelligence Can and Can’t Do Right Now
Essay 11.11.2016 Economic Forum ‘The Rise of the Machines’
News 04.11.2016 Mastering the Mechanics of Reason and Emotion
Essay 28.10.2016 Who will provide your Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)?
News 21.10.2016 FTC Chairwoman: We Must Not Give Up on Privacy!
Essay 14.10.2016 Machine Learning and the 4th Industrial Revolution
News 07.10.2016 AI will require a Revolution in Transparency, Trust and Ethics
Essay 28.09.2016 Quantum Computing, who wins the race for Supremacy?
News 21.09.2016 Stanford University’s 100 Year Study on Artificial Intelligence
Essay 14.09.2016 Emotional Intelligence and the Aging Brain
News 05.09.2016 Neuroscience and our understanding of Decision Making
Essay 30.08.2016 How to communicate with our future personal assistants?
Essay 10.08.2016 From Digital Transformation to Singularity
News 08.08.2016 IBM is one step closer to mimicking the human brain
News 24.07.2016 Can Computer Systems be Creative?
Essay 15.07.2016 Singularity will cause job market disruptions!
Essay 05.07.2016 Will My Smartphone ever have Consciousness?
News 25.06.2016 What follows Digital Transformation? Digital Reinvention!
Essay 25.06.2016 Moore’s Law coming to an End? Yes and No!
Essay 14.06.2016 Artificial Intelligence and the VW Emissions Disaster
Essay 01.06.2016 Cognitive Computing and Decision Making