A Start-Up claims its Miniature Battery lasts 50 Years

Posted by Peter Rudin on 19. January 2024 in News

Imagine never having to change a battery in a device ever again, a battery that could outlive you. That is what Betavolt, a Chinese Start-Up company, is  claiming based on its new miniature nuclear battery.

The company’s claims aren’t completely inconceivable. Commercially available batteries that work similarly already have a lifespan of 20-plus years.

Betavolt anticipates that the battery measuring just 15x15x5 millimeters will be used in industries ranging from aerospace to robotics and to smartphones.

Another startup called NBD raised over USD 1.2 million  for a similar battery but the device still hasn’t materialized, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission is now going after the company for fraud.


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